Danila Miner

Works for any platform: Windows, Linux and MacOS. Miner is capable to automatically benchmark GPUs and pick compatible cards.

Miner fee is 0%

Benchmarks CLI documentation

How to use

Download and extract miner and start:

# Windows
danila-miner.exe run https://server1.whalestonpool.com <your_wallet>

# Linux and MacOS
./danila-miner run https://server1.whalestonpool.com <your_wallet>

Watchdog by @EvgeniyKorepov

EvgeniyKorepov created a watchdog that helps to run miner reliably: https://github.com/EvgeniyKorepov/Watchdog4DanilaMiner




Latest version is v2.3.1:

Old versions


Danila miner is a commertial product that belongs to ShopButton LLC, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, USA.

We grant an unlimited license to use (but NOT distribute or modify) only when using with our (tonwhales.com) mining pool for TON Coin.