Projects of the Whales Club members

Hey dudes, look how many cool projects club members have already launched! Do you want to post your project here? Go to @whalesclub_bot, fill out an application, then tell us why your project is the best.

Dolphy Money Team «DMT»
The Dolphy Money Team «DMT» was created to popularize the TON blockchain and develop the ecosystem. The first TON clothing market. The first multi-chain metaverse in the blockchain tone.
Discounts in the DMT market. Drop nft for whale club members.
Cock Fights Game
Cock Fights is the first 3D Fighting game on TON with a unique staking system that allows the NFT holders to make a profit already at an early stage of the project development. And combat characters made in 3D with animation will make the gameplay truly spectacular and epic.
25 TON discount when buying containers with cyber roosters
RosMedia is actively engaged in the promotion of videos and media content through automatic native placement on social networks. For the current year, we have processed over a million orders for video promotion.
5 percent discount on SMM services.
TON Hold Wallet
TON Hold Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. A multi-token wallet and gateway to Web3 apps. Securely store crypto, explore decentralized apps, and make blockchain payments at the speed of light. Cryptocurrencies fluctuate wildly in value. TON Hold Wallet displays current prices in a chosen currency for convenience, which does not imply that any token can actually be exchanged for the given amount.
Early access to new functions.
A popular portal with reviews of companies and websites.
Free 1 month of premium account.
Hata v CAO
I write about my experience with cryptocurrencies and NFT. I write a lot about TON. I have written several tutorials for cryptocurrency beginners and tips for funders. Use the instructions for your readers.
NFT kingyTON
🦘 kingyTON is a unique animation collection with history and weekly improvement feature on The Open Network (TON) blockchain.
10% discount for club members. Write @kingyru
This Group is a promoter of TON blockchain, сreated for offline meetings in St. Petersburg. To unite in real life the TON community from St. Petersburg; - Networking. Helping each other to develop TON projects.
The opportunity to talk about your TON project!
A news channel about TON blockchain, its products and NFT. I'm an active member of the TON community. Holder more than 150 NFT =)
NFT portfolio analysis
GBots Telegram Web App
Web App with explorer, mint and stake tools for G-Bots NFT Collection on Next.js (with blazingly fast SWC compiler)
Previously here was private mint for Whales Club
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