InfinityTON Mining Pool

InfinityTON pool is the only pool where you can continue to mine TON. Our goal is to provide everyone clear, easy way to enter the TON ecosystem.

How to use

  1. Install any TON Wallet and get the address of your wallet.
  2. Signup with a Telegram Bot @infiniteTON_bot.
  3. Download and start miner for GPU or configure your SHA-256 ASIC

Supported hardware

  • All GPU models suitable for Ethereum mining are supported: RTX 3090, RTX 3080, GTX 1070, etc.
  • Any SHA-256 (bitcoin) ASICs are supported.

Miner settings

GPU Ethash
wallet/user: <username>.<worker name>
password: x (any)
protocol: depends on your miner, but not stratumproxy. See details for your miner below.


user: <username>.<worker name>
password: x (any)


Balance and withdraw

You can check your balance or withdraw it via Telegram Bot @infiniteTON_bot. Right now, you can withdraw only to the wallet you specified during signup.

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